Re: ICEWM and Gnome logout

On 23 Mar 1999, Kay Molkenthin wrote:
> > "Mathieu" == Mathieu Petit-Clair <> writes:
> > exec icewm & 
> > exec gnome-session
> >
> > At least, this works for me, using E.
> That worked for me too until I updated to latest gnome :-(
> In my .xinitrc I have:
> exec esd &
> exec icewm &
> exec gnome-session

Ack!  Don't use multiple "exec" lines.  The "exec" command means
"replace this shell script process with the command given".  The "&"
operator means spawn the command in the background.  The construct 
"exec foo &" tells it to both replace the script and return to it, which
is contradictory and can lead to unpredictable results.

Two good rules of thumb:
  * Don't use "exec" and "&" on the same line
  * Don't expect any command after an exec to run

My next point is that, if gnome-session is working properly, you shouldn't
have to run your window manager in the .xinitrc script.  Gnome-session
should start your window manager automatically.  You both should be able
to get rid of your "icewm" lines.

Best of Luck,

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