Re: gftp

I have the same huge-window-walking-hdd problem with gtcd. I seem to
remember that this was mentioned on the list and/or irc a few days ago,
cant remember seeing a followup. 

P.S. The gtcd window is *really* big, and the hdd *really* screams :)


On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Neb Bosworth wrote:

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> From: Neb Bosworth <>
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> Subject: gftp
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> I am having big troubes with gftp..... I just downloaded all of the latest
> 1.0.1 rpms yesterday and installed them and gftp for some reason hangs up
> my machine alltogether. it opens fine but as soon as I try to connect to
> anything, it just chokes X. the only thing I can do is ctrl-alt-bksp and
> dump out of X. I am clueless. Also, when I launch gtcd, i get a huge window
> that comes up with the title of my cd in the title bar but my HD just gets
> slammed as if things are swapping in and out of there like mad. the only
> thing I can do, is open an xterm and wait for it (as gtcd brings my machine
> to its knees) and do a ps and kill the gtcd process. what I don't get is
> that the cd player applet for panel works fine but gtcd just kills me.
> Helpless,
> Neb
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