After almost 3 weeks of tweaking, i finally got GNOME up and running!!
And, all I have to say is WOW. Although enough of this has been said, I
*really* like this thing. I thought I would pass along a few pointers for
anyone who cares, and also ask a few questions.

    I installed on a slackware 3.6 system, and even with gettext 10.35
installed, I had to compile everything with ./configure --disable-nls. The
make's would always bomb with undefined refs. to 'bindtextdomain' and
'textdomain'. Also, I always got messages that dcgettext didn't exist, but
xgettext did...? Didn't try using --with-included-gettext, though. And why
is gettext a default option in configure scripts? Seems to make more
problems than it solves. Oh well.

    Icons placed by gmc on the desktop have a black rectangle around them,
rather than the background. Also happens with do I fix this?
    How do I mount cdrom's and the like through gmc? (4.5.25)
    How do I move the enlightenment buttons? (I know, this is a VERY FAQ,
and I know all about ctrl+alt+a, b, and c)

Well, thats all I can think of for now...but rest assured, more will be
coming shortly! :)

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