Re: Wishing I could cancel that last e-mail.

    Hmm...looks like my last message didn't get through to the list. What
you need to do is recreate the sym link to your kernel include files in
ln -sf /usr/linux/include/asm-i386 /usr/include/asm
ln -sf /usr/linux/include/scsi /usr/include/scsi
ln -sf /usr/linux/include/linux /usr/include/linux
And then you will be good to go. These links are also made when you run
'make menuconfig' in your kernel source tree.

>I haven't had these problems up until last week.  everything up until
>then installed fine...
>I think I did something screwy with the settings in my linuxconf...
>somehow going through there I got my ppp connection to allow users to
>dial out (good) but now I get error messages about not finding 40 kinds
>of ethernet modules and a screen that wants to know if I want to start
>up as a graphical workstation or a text workstation. (bad).
>this is pissing me off.  and I hoped a new kernel would fix most of it,
>but nothing above a 2.2.4 will boot for me.
>so there you have it.
>my logic here then:
>there is a HUGE mess on my system right now.  I CAN fix it.  It will
>take FOREVER.  Backing up my data and re-installing will erase the old,
>put in newer, and let me start fresh from a (possibly) more up-to-date
>is there any flaw in this reasoning?
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>great truth is also true."
> -Neils Bohr
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