Re: Don't overlook Simplicity.

I see a great divide between "Teach them" and "Make it somewhat
easier".  I don't see how the two are different, if you look at the
average purchased program.  Take the old Commodore 64.  It was really
cool to learn programming on, but my father only learned "load
'blahblah.bla' ,8" so he could start any program on a disk.  I believe
the necessary element is to not make anything harder than it has to be. 
For instance, a Dialer should give the user complete control over the
process. However, it should also have default settings for those who
don't wish to get into the muddy water.  All I'm saying is that Linux or
any OS will require a certain period of learning, but it shouldn't have
to go to a newsgroup for help on connecting to the net, see the problem
with that?  To put the oxymoron into a BASIC programming situation:

10 x=0
20 y=0
30 if y=1 then x=1
40 if y=0 then y=x+y
50 goto 10
60 y=1

All I'm saying is set y to 1. Keep the routinely used features of
computers basic, while still allowing the advanced user to take control.

And oh yeah, someone kill that infomercial guy!

Desert Rain
"My mouth was potty trained, which is why I p|ss
 myself and tell everyone who comments to mind
 their own #*@! business."

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