Re: #error: rerun orbit-idl or "Nightmare on Gnome Street"

On 15 Jun 1999 12:50:09 -0400, greg strockbine <> wrote:
>For the past 2+ weeks I have been trying to rebuild the
>gnome stuff (gnome meta) on FreeBSD 3.1 all because I
>decided to update icewm.  What an obtuse  under taking
>this has been.
>I think I'm close, but I get this error message coming out
>of /usr/ports/net/gnomenetwork:
>/usr/local/include/orb/orbit.h:37: #error "You need to rerun 'orbit-idl'
>on the .idl file whose stubs you are using. These stubs were generated
>with an older version of ORBit, and need to be regenerated."
>- So it might look like ORBit is out of date, but I've updated and
>ORBit about 5 times already.
>- It looks to me more like some other module somewhere needs to be
>rebuilt using the new ORBit.

Yes, gnome-core.

>- So the question is  "How do I find out what is the name of the ".idl"
>file that needs to be rebuilt???

Look at the header file that had included orbit.h when you got the error,
and find out what module that header file comes from.

>In file included from /usr/X11R6/include/gnome-panel.h:7,
>                 from /usr/X11R6/include/applet-widget.h:14,
>                 from ppp-applet.c:25:
>/usr/local/include/orb/orbit.h:37: #error "You need to rerun 'orbit-idl'

-- Elliot
Why are the masses always unwashed?

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