Re: Gnome session mgmt vs WindowMaker-gnome session mgmt (Debian Potato)

wmaker (windowmaker) session manager essentially allows you to take a
snapshot of 
what apps are open, and where they are (also, if shaded etc), and start
them automatically when you start wmaker..  (wmkaer is designed to be a
stand alone manager after all, and this is quite useful).

Last I tested (haven't upgraded since the big 5.2 redhat rpms  release
before redhat 6.0), gnome session manager couldn't remember where to put
stuff, or if they were shaded..  So, it was better to use wmaker session
manager..  With redhat version not saving session unless specified, there
is no duplication, as long as you close all things started by
gnome-session before saving the wmkaer session (you can edit the wmaker
file by hand to remove things though).

If you only want to use gnome-session management, simply clear your wmaker
session..  In the default wmaker root menu, there should be a workspace
menu with a "clear saved Session" option"  Click here and now only gnome
will do session management.


On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> >  I was sort of hoping that I could get WM (or Enlightenment, or...) to
> >  let GNOME handle session mgmt in a window-manager relevant sort of
> >  way.
> So is Window Maker doing its own session management?  That seems kind
> of broken.  It should manage windows, not manage sessions.
>   Federico
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