Re: Cancel "Nevermind" Re: Type-specific right-button menus?

If you have my package gnorpm installed, check the
$(prefix)/share/mime-info/gnorpm.keys file.  It adds a few extra items to
the context menu of RPMs.



On 23 Jul 1999, David G. Wonnacott wrote:

> I'll have to take back my retraction of my question about configuring
> GMC -- as far as I can tell, the user configuration options described
> in does not totally correspond to
> the GMC distributed with RedHat 6.0.  Or at least, I am unable to get
> access to the "user menu" items I put in my .mc/menu file (F2 seems to
> bring up the "run command" dialog).
> So, to reinstate and revise my question:
> 1) Is there an easy way to set up a key or mouse click to run a
>    specific command (rather than prompt to ask what command to run)?
>    I can make do with this functionality if (2) is not available.
> 2) (what I really want) Is there a way to add a type-specific action
>    to the menu that pops up when I hold down the right mouse button?
>    I believe this sort of functionality goes back at least to
>    Smalltalk/80, and it would be nice to see it integrated into GMC if
>    it's not there.
> Thanks,
> 	Dave Wonnacott
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