Re: xmllib docs/examples?

> >   Hum, interesting, could you elaborate ? There have been a lot of
> > discussions in the XML developpers mailing lists
> What is the name of the list, I'd like to subscribe.

  XML-DEV, somwhat high traffic but very high profile, all the "big names"
of XML are on that list. But you will occasionnaly get mail about how to
use XML in Internet Explorer too :-)

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> > about XML as an interchange format to access databases. 
> > More informations Welcome.
> Well, one of the big problems with relational databases
> is that they are set oriented rather than hierarchical,
> thus to download an "order" from the database, you 
> need to download the "order-header", the "client-info",
> the "order-lines", etc.... sometimes this can be 10+
> interactions.
> Rather than do it this way, you send up a complete "order"
> as a nested XML file and let the database process do the
> translation between the hierarchical XML file and 
> the relational database (in both directions)
> The result is _much_ simpler client/server communication.

  Ok, understood, check the archives of xml-dev for last week there was
quite a lot of talks on XML used as databases interchange format !

> >  I will try to provide a patched spec file, and a new RPM today.
> Cool.  Is there a SRPMS?  So I only need to download the source
> for the xmllib and not all of gnome?

  gnome-xml can be compiled independantly of Gnome.

> > I will try to set-up a mailing list for the XML library. It's getting
> > increasingly difficult for me to scan all messages in the gnome
> > mailing-lists for references or problems related to the XML library.
> Great.

  The list is up, see my previous post,


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