Re: for gleef

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, sungod wrote:
> congrats to our very own gleef for placing second in's 2.2.0
> kernel pool.

<blink> I forgot I even entered that pool.  Leave town for a few days, and
all of a sudden I have to claim a penguin :-).

> so, good buddy, when's 2.4 coming out? :)

Hehe!  I'm going to wait a little bit before really answering that one,
but the way Linus is talking, the 2.2 tree won't get many new features
added to it, so I'm thinking he wants a short 2.3 life, and a 2.4 sometime
this year or early next.

I'm also thinking 3.0 in 2001, with a rewrite of all addressing stuff (64
bit address space on a x386 or PPC?), and a complete revamping of the
scheduler (thread-safety for all processes like BeOS?, incorporating
Beowulf-like multi-node processing into the kernel for mega-machines?),
and something not quite GGI, but inspired by it.


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