Re: db2html

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Andreas Weinert wrote:
> Hi,
> I've compiled gnome-libs from the cvs. My make check needs the db2html.
> Where can i get it ? Sorry if this is Off-Topic, I'am new in the list.

You don't need it.  GNOME should compile fine without it.  If it is not
compiling fine, send in a detailed bug report.  If you are curious about
what it is and whether you want it, read on.

GNOME's documentation files are written in a SGML DTD called DocBook.
"db2html" is the script for converting a DocBook document to a directory
of HTML pages.  You can get it at:
>From there, go to the format of distribution you want (SOURCES for the
source tarballs, RPMS for rpm binaries, etc).  The command in question is
in the stylesheets package, but you need all the packages for it to work.

Best of Luck

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