Suggestions for GnomeCal

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Veillard <> writes:

    >  I know, ideas sent to the list without patches are far less
    > valuable but I'm really busy these days ...  - the possibility
    > to associate an URL to an appointment, and have gnomecal launch 
    > the web browser on it when the time has come

Would it be good enough if you use the "Program alarm"?  If so, I can
add an entry perhaps that will let you enter a web address and set the 
program alarm to "gnome-moz-remote $url"

    > - I was unable to
    > get any alarm (is there any code behind the interface for it, I
    > don't have a sound card ... shame). What about a simple pop-up ?
    > - Add default alarm setting and alert method in the Preferences

Yes.  This works fine for me.  Make sure you are running the very
latest release of gnome-pim (as gnome-pim-0.99.0 had some bugs in
thisa area precisely).

The sound alarm uses the Xbell function, so you do not need any
special sound device.  All of the alarms work for me. 

    >  Otherwise I use it everyday, and really like it, I just miss
    > alarm cababilities.


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