Re: Bug in Enlightenment?

>From: "Bruce Z. Lysik" <>
>I'm noticing a /serious/ bug in Enlightenment (from the CVS) right
>now.  At least I think it's from Enlightenment.
>Basically things start up okay, but after a while I'm unable to change 
>focus to one window.  Then another, then another.  Even killing the
>process doesn't completely solve the problem.  I'm left with a big,
>black window frame that the process was running in.
>Anyone else see this, or have a solution?  Thanks.

Yup, I've noticed this - on Solaris/SPARC with 2 screens, since Raster fixed up 
the Focusing code (and thus fixed a previous bug that was annoying, but not 
*this* annoying).  I reported it to the e-develop list 2 days ago, but until 
now, no-one else had seen it - so I'm really pleased for your misery, as it 
means I'm not going insane. ;O)

I'm trying to figure out the cause now, since unfortunately Raster is unable to 
reproduce it, so of course can't fix it.  I was under the impression it was due 
to the Focus of a window that *didn't* have direct focus on one screen being 
lost when you move the mouse to another screen.  The Xserver is responsible for 
transfering Focus at this point - not the WM - so I figure something is getting 
confused around here.  Raster has only the one screen, so...

It's therefore *very* important to me that you let me know what configuration 
you have - OS, processor, number and type of framebuffers, versions of most 
every underlying library etc.  This may help me figure out the problem.  If you 
have just the 1 framebuffer too, I need to do a complete rethink =OZ

As an aside, which version of libtool do you have?  This has happened since I 
upgraded to 1.2d, but I've just rebuild Enlightenment from the 2nd January, and 
this bug isn't in that release, so that looks an unlikely cause =OZ

Of course if you're able to debug this too, that'll help more ;O)


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