RE: HELP: xscreensaver required error

RPM doesn't look for files on the harddrive. It only looks in its database.
It will not find anything put on the computers from tarballs. You can use a
--nodeps if the only failed dependency is Xscreensaver and have the
Xscreensaver tarballs installed.

The better solution would be to use Xscreensaver rpms.

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> Subject:	HELP: xscreensaver required error
> I am trying to install gnome using RPM's.  I have installed all the
> packages except gnome-core and control-center.  They both are dependent
> on the Xscreensaver package.  The thing is, is that I installed
> Xscreensaver 3.xx(I forget the exact minor version) tarball and it still
> comes up with a dependency error.  Do I need an RPMed version of
> Xscreensaver?  Any help would be great.
> John Palmieri
> Martian Rock Interactive
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