Re: syntax errors when trying to compile ORBit

>From: Matthew Ross Davis <>

>Anyone else getting these?
>../../../src/idl-compiler/orbit-idl interface_repository.idl
>Error: syntax error
>** WARNING **: Parse of interface_repository.idl failed
>Trying to compile GNOME on Solaris 2.7 w/ egcs 1.1.1

Yup, that's exactly what I see attempting to compile the latest ORBit release on 
Solaris from 2.6 through to 8_alpha.

Fortunately, I still have a previous build installed and am having no problems 
using that instead.  I'm just hoping whatever this is goes away by the next 
release =OZ  I've had no luck debugging the cause of it.  The newer orbit-idl 
gives a syntax error on the first line of *any* IDL file it's shown - even if 
you delete the first line, it goes on the next.  However, the previous one reads 
all the same files no problem.

Maybe you'll have more luck than I did figuring out why =OZ

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