Corner panel sometimes eats a whole row or column of my desktop


The panel is behaving strangely.  When it is a corner panel, I do not
expect it to exclusively use a column or row of my screen.  Sometimes it
does, though.  Let me explain.

If I put a horizontal corner panel in the upper right corner of the
screen, I cannot move any application windows above the bottom edge of
the panel.  Ditto for a horizontal panel in the upper left.  When I put
a vertical corner panel in the upper left corner, no application can be
moved to the left of the right side of the panel.  Same thing for a
vertical panel in the lower left corner.

The really weird part is that all other panel configurations behave as
expected, e.g. a panel placed in the lower right corner of the screen
does not exclude other apps from being moved to the bottom of the

If all of this is confusing, I can provide screenshots.  My system is
latest gnome sources from, slackware 3.6, XFree86,

Jeffrey W. Baker
Critical Path, Inc
Speaking for myself only, of course

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