panel size

 I've done some changes at panel size, the hardcoded 48 is too big for an
average screen like 800x600, so I made a hack.
 It means I made s/48/MINIMUM_PANEL_WIDTH/ at gnome-core/panel.
 At some places there was 48.0, and the #define was at panel-widget.h, so I
included this to everywhere. I changed the value of this #define to 28, and
I recompiled the panel. After some changes (clock applet: do not show
the date now, click-click) it's better, I think. I will do a screenshot, it
will be reachable at asap.
 I done this crazy thing at twice, before that I made a properies-slider to
change the size, but the event-handling is not my desk, but I will do it.


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