ANNOUNCE gxsnmp-0.0.10 now available

I come bearing the news that a new developers release of gxsnmp, your favorite
tool to hate :) is now available for consumption. This one is lower in fat
and tastes even better then before. This one also compiles with the latest 
GNOME release.

COOL Where can I get this wonderful thing?

Web  (europe)


Ok What does this thing require?

 (basiclly the gnome-libs module and all it requires gtk/imlib etc..)

To have database functionality, currently only mysql is supported. You must
have mysql installed. As of version 0.0.10 the MySQL interface is now a plugin
this should facilitate adding additional database drivers to the application.

What's new?
    * MySQL is now handled via a plugin (Thanks John)
    * Bug/compilation fixes.
    * Many other minor things.

To see the 'bleeding edge' edit app/main.c and uncomment the '#define NEW_GUI'
Get some bandages and prepare to bleed! Also due to the change in the database
handling internally you will have to open up the configuration panel and change
a field, and then hit apply. Failing to do this, gxsnmp will _not_ load any
information from a database.

Gregory McLean & Jochen Friedrich
gxsnmp authors.

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