gnome-libs 0.99.4 problems...

Ok, I am going to admnit right now that this is my first time installing
GNOME, so don't be too hard on me :)  I've got Imlib 1.9.1 installed,
and ORBit installed also.  I am trying to compile the gnome-libs 0.99.4
source and i get the following error right off the bat after running

*** No rule to make target `caNONE', needed by `all-yes'.  Stop

I'm pretty sure i have all of the required stuff installed.  I looked
around in the Makefiles, and found a couple lines with caNONE on them,
but I have no idea what to do with them, as I am not much of the coding
type.  If anyone can offer an tips or suggestions, I would greatly
appreciate it.  Thanks

-Matt Johnston (soxen)

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