RE: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

> Can you put this in your ~/.gnome/Gnome file:
> [Cache]
> Disable_Imlib_Cache=0

I suppose you mean this one, right? (I tried that one you suggested but
I couldn't notice any difference)


At least that's the one I tried. The pixmap engine is now faster! And it
probably makes sense to cache the pixmaps that is used all the time
everywhere in all apps... So maybe the pixmap-engine  pixmaps should be
cached even if the user doesn't want the actuall apps to cache their

It's still a bit slow to be usable though... And I'm pretty sure that
it's been faster a while ago.

By the way, if the cache is disabled, you can easily see how
inefficient the pixmap theme is. When resizing apps, the widgets get
redrawn between 2 and 3 times.


ps this is with all the newest stuff from cvs on a RH5.2, i386, P166 w/

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