RE: gnome-network improvements

Fox, Kevin M writes:
 > I have just ran across a cool gtk program called ethereal. It is a network
 > packet sniffer. Verry usefull. How dificult do you think it would be to port
 > it to gnome?

It depends on the level of GNOME conformance you want to achieve.

Various things to add:

	1. use GnomeApp and the gnome-app-helper routines
	   for menus and toolbars.

	2. Tag any localizable strings to support running in various

	3. Add session management support.

	4. Use gnome-init and use popt (side effect of gnome-init) for 
	   using GNU standard command line options.

	5. Use GnomePropertyBox widgets for any configuration dialog

	6. Ship with a help file, and topics file, hook with the help

	7. Use GnomeMessageBox for informative message boxes.
You can read more about this on the:




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