RE: gnome-core- link error

I copied the answer below from the gtk-list.  If you just change the
one line in gmenu.c, the problem is solved.

Tom Corner

Rui Monteiro wrote:
> Hi there:
>         I've been trying to compile gnome-core- but it stops
> linking, because it can't find the gtk_ctree_set_reorderable()
> I'm using gtk+-1.1.13 version of the GTK+ library and I didn't find
> reference to this specific function.
>         Can you tell me what is the status for this function? Was it
> substitued by any other function or it simply went to The Paradise
> of Good Functions?
>         Thank you
gtk_ctree_set_reorderable() doesn't exist anymore since 1.1.13.
It is replace by gtk_clist_set_reorderable().
So if you have a line like :
replace by gtk_clist_set_reorderable(GTK_CLIST(widget)).

It worked fine for me.


On 22-Jan-99 Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> gmenu refuses to link; I've gtk-1.1.13 installed.
> gcc -O2 -m486 -fno-strength-reduce -Wall -Wno-unused -o gmenu gmenu.o
> tree.o edit.o order.o dialogs.o -rdynamic -L/opt/gnome/lib -L/usr/lib
> -L/usr/X11R6/lib -rdynamic -lgnomeui -lart_lgpl -lgdk_imlib -lSM
> -lICE -lgtk -lgdk -lgmodule -lXext -lX11 -lm -lgnome -lgnomesupport
> -ldb -lglib -ldl -L/usr/X11R6/lib
> gmenu.o: In function `main':
> gmenu.o(.text+0x9b6): undefined reference to
> `gtk_ctree_set_reorderable'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make[2]: *** [gmenu] Error 1
> make[2]: Leaving directory
> `/usr/src/packages/BUILD/gnome-core-'
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