Re: user_main.cfg does not exist

Last month or so the enlightenment configuration setup changed, and
user_main.cfg is obsolete.  It has been replaced by a number of different
files, like control.cfg, desktops.cfg, etc.

If you're just looking to get rid of the configuration buttons, use CTL-ALT-B
or CTL-ALT-A while in e. Otherwise you'll need to play with buttons.cfg.


On 22-Jan-99 Wandered Inn remarked:

+-> Man I screwed this one up.  I installed:
+-> enlightenment-0.15.0-SNAP-19990120.i386.rpm
+-> Other than that, the rest is the truth, and I'm sticking to it...
+-> Wandered Inn wrote:
+->> I've just installed 0.99.2 rpm Enlightenment.  Outstanding wm.  Problem
+->> is, the docs say to copy user_main.cfg to the $HOME/.enlightenment
+->> directory in order to customize.  It also says to look for enlightenment
+->> under either /usr/enlightenment or /usr/local/enlightenment.  The rpm
+->> apparently installs under /usr/share/enlightenment.  There is no
+->> user_main.cfg under the config directory.  How else might I modify the
+->> configuration of the various buttons?
+->> --
+->> Until later: Geoffrey 
+->> You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????

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