Re: desktop

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Gary Kuhlen wrote:
> Hello all...
> I am new to this list and wanted to say hello and ask a newbie question.
> I installed gnome from a RedHat 5.2 cd with no problems.  I would like to
> know if it is possible to have all my icons on the desktop and not on a
> bar (dock?).

The "bar" is called the panel.  What you see on it are not just icons, but
menus and activly running programs as well (called applets).  These
applets can currently only be run in the panel.  

You can run gmc to get desktop icons.  Your window manager can supply you
with menus on your desktop (called "root menus"), but they won't have the
GNOME stuff in them.

> Do I need to run some theme or is it possible to do it throught the 
> fvwm2rc.gnome file?  

I don't understand this question.

> If so where is it in the file and when I iconize a proggie how do I set
> it to minimize on the bottom of the screen instead of the upper left?

In fvwm, you can set an Icon box for the icons of minimized windows.  I
don't recall the actual syntax, you should check the fvwm documentation,
or a list/newsgroup devoted to fvwm.

Best of Luck,

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