A tiny patch for gmix.c

Hi all,

Here is a tiny patch to make gmix have the same exit menu item and
keyboard accelerator as all the other gnome apps.  Dunno if anyone wants
this but I think it is a nuisance to have to use the mouse to close

--- gmix.c      Sun Jan 10 19:08:53 1999
+++ /tmp/gmix.c Thu Jan 21 11:50:40 1999
@@ -80,8 +80,7 @@
 static GnomeUIInfo program_menu[] = {
-    GNOMEUIINFO_ITEM_STOCK(N_("E_xit"), NULL, quit_cb,
-                           GNOME_STOCK_MENU_QUIT),

Jeffrey W. Baker
Critical Path, Inc
Speaking for myself only, of course

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