Re: gwp.word.processor.0.3.2.released

> > Are there also plans to use it as a fax API? I don't use fax myself
> > frequently at all, but I'm quite sure a LOT of desktop users are used
> > to.
> Support for faxing won't be difficult, as gnome-pritn can generate
> postscript and ghostscript can to the ps->tiff conversion.

I should point out that one of gnome-print strenghts is that it would
use libart_lgpl to provide the high level rasterization engine (this
is the same engine used in the anti-aliased canvas engine that you can
see in action gnome-libs/test-gnome/test-gnome).  

So drivers to specific printers will be pluggable without having to go
trough Postscript.


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