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On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 07:26:21PM +0300, Mohammad Abdin wrote:

  Speaking of diffs I grabbed the latest diffs for imlib, gnome-libs,
gnome-media, gnome-objc, gnome-util, gnumeric, mc and enlightenment.

  Gnome-libs, gnome-media, gnome-objc all failed with a malformed patch
error. Imlib and mc failed also, but after looking at the '.rej' I
realized it was due to running libtoolize --force (imlib) and applying
a patch from the list (mc), after unpacking my original tarballs they
applied fine. The others all applied fine first time around.

  Maybe someone should take a look at the diffs for gnome-libs, gnome-media
and gnome-objc and double-check them or maybe it was just something in
the transfer when I got them ? 

  Long live diffs ! Except for gnome-libs, the other packages I had to
get tarballs instead of diffs for were relatively small. Sure is nice to
just to patch something like enlightenment, etc. vs going out and getting
monster tarballs everytime upgrades come out.

> Very Simple
> copy the diff patch to the appropriate directory
> once it is there then type:
> patch -p1 < <name of patchfile>
> That applies the patch - now you gotta 'make' then 'make install'
> > Okay, yesterday I downloaded the big tarball snapshot of a few of the
> > CVS directories from jimpick.  Today I downloaded the diff patches,
> > and attempted to use them.  

OUCH!  I got my floppy caught in my PKZipper !

Mike Hall <>, (MH993)   -
System Administrator (*nix, Perl, CGI hacker, certified OS/2 Specialist)

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