Re: rpm install of 0.99.2

Mohammad Abdin wrote:
> No audiofile is a standalone library which esound uses - There are
> RPMS for version 0.1.5 of audiofile (or libaudio as its sometimes
> called) - and for esound 0.2.7 (not necessarily latest CVS version) -
> Unfortunately audiofile has no official 'version' number and doing an
> 'rpm -ta' for the audiofile stuff won't work (it wants to be packaged
> 0.0.0) using the RPMS for esound/audiofile will work finally up to
> 0.99.3 (i've done it personally)

Where did you get the RPMS for esound/audiofile?  I've not been able to
locate it.  I've got esound, but it requires as well.

Until later: Geoffrey

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????

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