Re: gnome-libs session-management does not work with xsm?


>>>>> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:15:27 GMT
>>>>> Felix Bellaby <> said:

 Felix> Unfortunately, xsm sends an initial SaveYourself when a client
 Felix> registers for the first time and then simply forgets about it.
 Felix> As a result, it does not reply to the SaveYourselfDone from
 Felix> the gnome client with a SaveComplete and the gnome client is
 Felix> left hanging in the grab.

Thanks for the info. I fixed my xsm and will send the patch to the
XFree86 guys.

 Felix> I could patch up the gnome-libs to accomodate this xsm bug,
 Felix> BUT, does anyone think that this is the Right Thing (TM) to do
 Felix> ?

Well, I can live without it, but it's perhaps better to have it for
the time being. ... appropriately marked with
"#ifdef HANDLE_XSM_LOSSAGE" or something

 Felix> Robbe also reported another problem with xsm / gnome (is he
 Felix> the only dude using these together ?):

Seems so. I'd switch to gsm as soon as it has some kind of UI.

 Felix> The SmEnvironment only needs to include the enviroment
 Felix> variables which actually influence how the app will run when
 Felix> restarted.

I see.

 Felix> Accordingly, the current gnome practice, which leaves it up to
 Felix> the app programmer to specifiy which environment variables are
 Felix> needed (if any) seems like the Right Thing (TM) to me. (:

Variables that are used by the gnome-libs themselves should be put
into the SmEnvironment automatically, shouldn't they? (Barring
exceptions like SESSION_MANAGER.)

One example I can think of in a hurry is ESPEAKER.


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