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On 19 Jan, Elliot Lee scribbled:
->  Dear GNOME fans,
->  We (as in "the people who maintain the anoncvs mirrors") are having big
->  problems with the anoncvs mirrors. The load average on Phil's server is at
->  70. The server I help run at CUC is now refusing telnet connections
->  because I turned anoncvs back on. Mandrake's server is at load average
->  180, with over 200 people using it at the moment. Other mirrors are out of
->  date or dead. To make matters worse, the DNS maintainer hasn't
->  responded to DNS update requests to add a new server.
->  As you can see, anoncvs is in a very sorry state.

might i suggest abandoning anon cvs altogether.

all anon cvs servers should:
1. sync with devel cvs 1,2 or 3 times a day.
2. build tarballs AND patches/dif's
3. put these up for ftp/http

cvs is NOT a means fo software distribution - it's for developers.
cvs builds a file update ont he fly out of its etire history - this is
rather expensive... cvs needs work to become even remotely a ameans by
which one can distribute software (it woudl have to cache pre-built
files if they havent been modified etc.)

->  I think anoncvs is a nice idea for letting people get up-to-date sources
->  when they need them, but cvs consumes major system resources. If, like I,
->  you would like to see anoncvs continue, here are some of the steps you can
->  take:
->  	1. Volunteer to host a server. You need to be on a fast
->  	connection (T1-ish) and a machine with at least 600M of disk space
->  	dedicated to anoncvs. The speed of the machine is not vitally
->  	important, because as long as we get enough people to volunteer
->  	in this manner, the load will be distributed across these slower
->  	machines.
->  	2. Get more RAM for the people who already have servers.
->  	I stopped running CVS on my personal machine because it
->  	was interfering with my GNOME development. Phil has been
->  	having to endure a machine that takes a few seconds to display
->  	every character he types into an IRC session. Having more RAM
->  	is the single most important thing to speeding up CVS.
->  Where every single anoncvs user can help:
->  	3. Smart updating.
->  		(a) Do not update your whole tree with one command.
->  		    Update each module individual and sequentially,
->  		    so that the server side process does not take 25M of
->  		    RAM. It will be slightly slower than doing one big
->  		    upgrade, but definitely faster than having no
->  		    anoncvs and waiting for tarball releases.
->  		(b) Do not update too frequently. The rule that I would
->  		    request people follow is to update once a day at most.
->  		    If you encounter bugs during your daily build and
->  		    would like to get fixes for them, please make sure
->  		    by reading your cvs-commits-list mail that someone has
->  		    committed a fix for the problem before trying a second
->  		    update. Do not put your update script into crontab
->  		    either. Run it when you need it.
->  	   The importance of these points will only increase as GNOME
->  	   becomes more popular, and the demand for anoncvs service
->  	   increases.
->  Spread this message to everyone who might ever have inhaled the air that
->  an anoncvs mirror used. :)
->  Your help is needed to create a usable anoncvs mirror network. Please
->  pitch in to make it happen.
->  -- Elliot
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->   versus nature, nature versus nature, and dog versus vampire."
->      - Steven Spielberg

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