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     as a Gnome fan and a user of cvs but still very much a newbie can 
     someone tell me how to set  up my system to use a European cvs mirror 
     ? - there was a post a couple of days ago about one - think it was at 
     the Dutch sunsite mirror ?
     I have export CVSROOT in my /etc/profile set as in the instructions on 
     the gnome web site to - what would I have to change to get 
     it to default to a closer mirror ? ( if possible )
     I altered it to the url as posted for etc etc but it 
     didn't seem to help ?
     any help much appreciated
     Richard Harding
     (Building surveyor looking for a toehold in an it career)

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Subject: Re: Unidentified subject! 
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Date:    19/01/99 07:18

On Tue, Jan 19, 1999 at 12:59:06AM -0500, Elliot Lee wrote: 
> Dear GNOME fans,
> We (as in "the people who maintain the anoncvs mirrors") are having big
> problems with the anoncvs mirrors. The load average on Phil's server is at 
> 70. The server I help run at CUC is now refusing telnet connections
> because I turned anoncvs back on. Mandrake's server is at load average
> 180, with over 200 people using it at the moment. Other mirrors are out of 
> date or dead. To make matters worse, the DNS maintainer hasn't
> responded to DNS update requests to add a new server.
Are there any alternatives to CVS for people who merely want to keep their 
snapshots of Gnome development tree up-to-date? Would it be worth setting up 
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