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anyone have any clues on what would make just about all gnome apps die w/
segfault on start?  balsa, panel, gnomecc...
all cvs stuff, checked it last night, clean compiled,

here's the bt again from balsa crashing

Starting program: /opt/gnome/bin/balsa 
Unable to connect to server port 35091
This generally means that the program could not talk to the esound server

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
strcmp (p1=0x40536bcf "hosts", 
    p2=0xca89c189 <Address 0xca89c189 out of bounds>)
    at ../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c:37
../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c:37: No such file or directory.
(gdb) bt
#0  strcmp (p1=0x40536bcf "hosts", 
    p2=0xca89c189 <Address 0xca89c189 out of bounds>)
    at ../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c:37
#1  0x4051d4c0 in __nss_database_lookup (database=0x40536bcf "hosts", 
    alternate_name=0x0, defconfig=0x40536bb3 "dns [!UNAVAIL=return]
    ni=0x4053ae20) at nsswitch.c:106
#2  0x4051e339 in __nss_hosts_lookup (ni=0xbffff344, 
    fct_name=0x40536cd1 "gethostbyname_r", fctp=0xbffff340) at
#3  0x40520402 in __gethostbyname_r (name=0xbffff3f4 "omeganine", 
    resbuf=0x4054a7f8, buffer=0x80a6970 "`S@`a\t\b\f", buflen=1024, 
    result=0xbffff3b8, h_errnop=0xbffff3b4) at ../nss/getXXbyYY_r.c:105
#4  0x4051f43e in gethostbyname (name=0xbffff3f4 "omeganine")
    at ../nss/getXXbyYY.c:112
#5  0x4046e68b in iiop_connection_server ()
#6  0x4041df26 in CORBA_ORB_init ()
#7  0x403f0d4f in gnorba_CORBA_init ()
#8  0x403f0ff8 in gnome_CORBA_init ()
#9  0x8062144 in balsa_init ()
#10 0x806266c in main ()

any help is appreciated.  there are others having this problem too...



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