Control-Center/Enlightenment problems

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Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 17:00:22 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Mark R. Bowyer" <>
Subject: Control-Center/Enlightenment problems
To: Edevelop <>


Just compiled up control-center-0.99.3.  Trying to use it to configure 
Enlightenment causes an immediate SEGV from E (which I pulled the snap of in the 
middle of last week).  I mean immediately - the moment I click on either 
"Enlightenment" on its own, or "Enlightenment" on the [+] folder, up pops the 
SEGV warning window, before the Control Centre can do anything useful itself.

Note this is running on Solaris 8 with two displays, which might be the cause.

Then, if I click the Restart button on the Error pane, it complains that another 
Enlightenment process is running.  Yup, but that's on the other Display...  
Can't E check for that before complaining about it, now that it supports 
multiple heads?

Sorry I can't provide more details, but the coredump got buried under the swarm 
of others when the Session crashed out.  I'm using this for work, so I can't 
mess about too much right now.  If needs be, I'll attach a gdb session to each 
of the enlightenment processes and do it again.  But this has happened to me 
twice now, so it appears to be repeatable.

Let me know if I can help debug this better,

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