Re:mahjongg suggestion

Brian M Dial twisted the bytes to say:

 Brian> Howdy,
 Brian> 	I wanted to throw this idea out for everyone who plays mahjongg from
 Brian> gnome-games.  For me, distinguishing between the levels of pieces can be very
 Brian> tough somettimes, and hard on the eyes.  In xmahjongg the layers are color
 Brian> coordinated.  This helps a lot (although it's about the only nice thing of
 Brian> xmahjongg).  Does anyone else think that something like this would be helpful
 Brian> for mahjongg for gnome?  Perhaps just a border around the pieces that are color
 Brian> coordinated per layer.

I played it last week and I had the same problem as you. 

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                                   are not so changeable as the feelings
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