Re: gtop 0.99.2 writes:

> - powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.2.0, compilation stops
>  [...]
>   What happens is that hz is a macro defined as being HZ then _HZ and
>   so on aso that in the end one has in 
>    where hz is a member of a structure and then replaced by 100 the
>    value of the macro... I think at this point I am fed up with IBM
>    AIX. If you want gtop to run on AIX you should use another name
>    than "hz". Is AIX a real OS anyhow ? I could not go further (not
>    enough time sorry)

You can't use GTop on this system since LibGTop has no support for it
(and will probably never have until someone writes the code).

However, I renamed this `hz' to `frequency' so it should at least compile.



   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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