Re: gnome-pim-0.99.3 - gnome-pim.spec has wrong version number

All the .spec files are a little 'out of sync'. Some of them work, 
some don't, I've had to manually edit most of them to get 'em to 
build. Some of them just don't build, even after changing the version 
# (i.e. the RPMS aren't made even though they compile fine). 
These are the packages where I had to go to usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ 
and do a 'make install' from there...they are:
Dr. Mike informed me that he would soon be fixing and maintaining 
all the spec files on CVS in a while...

> The gnome-pim.spec in the tarball gnome-pim-0.99.3.tar.gz has the wrong
> version number in it, so an rpm -ta doesn't work unless you change the number.
> Tony.
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