Debian users having grief compiling CVS? - Read This

	I've been compiling gnome on a Debian slink system fine for a
couple of months now. All of a sudden, the autogen scripts are falling
over in weird places.

	Debian comes with: autoconf 2.12, automake 1.3, libtool 1.2. After
much experimentation, I did the following:

1. Removed (purged) the prepackaged installed debs of:
	autoconf 2.12
	automake 1.3
	libtool 1.2
	gettext 0.10.35

2. Dowloaded the source tarballs of:
	autoconf 2.13	<- Note - newer version
	automake 1.3b	<- ditto
	libtool 1.2d	<- ditto
	gettext 0.10.35

3. Unpacked and installed the above packages in /usr/local

Note: All 4 packages must be installed in the same place (eg: /usr/local).
If you leave gettext installed by Debian then have the other 3 installed
in /usr/local, you will strike grief!

Note: Don't use the just released automake 1.4, you will also strike


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