drive-mount applet

It doesn't get as far as a core dump this time.  I'm running it compiled
as per the Jan. 15 instructions on the Gnome site, with control-panel
revised make files but still using 0.99 (saw that 0.99.1 was released).

The error message when running panel in an xterm is:

register ext: 8137828
register ext->info: 8137948
add 0x3800005
type = 2 exid = IDL:CORBA/MARSHAL:1.0

** CRITICAL **: file applet-widget.c: line 635
(gnome_panel_applet_corba_init): assertion `ev._major ==

** CRITICAL **: file applet-widget.c: line 683 (applet_widget_new):
assertion `corbadat!=NULL' failed.

** ERROR **: Can't create applet!

remove 0x3800005
remove 0x3800005
Gdk-Message: Got event for unknown window: 0x2c00427

Gdk-Message: Got event for unknown window: 0x2c00427

Saving to [/panel.d/default/]
Saving session: 1 2 3 4

So...hope that's useful.  I can try rebuilding from the new
control-panel on if that would help.  Kernel 2.0.36, updates following
recommendations on the web site and this mailing list.

Rebecca Ore

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