Re: Where to get latest versions of programs

Quoting Miguel de Icaza <>:
> > Thanks to all who replied. I don't like to compile much at all.  :).  Is
> > most gnome software released as RPMs?  
> No, it is released in source form as a gzip compressed tar file.  
> But most gnome softawre includes a .spec file, so you can type:
>     rpm -ta gnome-package.tar.gz
> We also ship the debian setup, so you can build .deb files from them
> easily (dont ask me how this works).

To build .deb files, you should have dpkg-dev installed on your Debian
box, and then you can type:
	debian/rules build  (use dpkg-buildpackage if you want to sign it)
For some (all?) of the debian dirs you will need to run 'debian/debconfigure'
first to build the rules file.  I use Debian, but I havn't tried building
.debs for a while.  Last time I tried it failed and I was too lasy to fix
the build.  I know Jim Pick was working on getting these builds to work, so 
they may (or may not) be working right now...  Some modules in CVS don't
even have debian dirs (such as gnomehack -- I've been meaning to set this
up but I've been too busy making it work).

The point is that this stuff is moving so quickly it is hard to get all the
consumer packaging in place.


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