Re: hrm.... what is fsuid.h

Brian M Dial writes:
 > gnome-score.c:16: sys/fsuid.h: No such file or directory
 > it's true, i don't have the file.  Why do I get the feeling it's important? ;)

Under Linux, the setfsgid function used by the gnome-score.c code 
allows it to minimise the permissions needed to read the score 
files used by gnome. The prototype for this function is in sys/fsuid.h.

Your error messages suggest that your configure script is setting the
HAVE_SETFSGID macro in config.h because gnome-score.c does not try 
including fsuid.h unless this macro is set (unless you are compiling
a very weird copy of gnome-score.c!). configure should only set 
this macro when your system supports the setfsgid function.

However, I thought setfsgid was unique to Linux and always had
its prototype in sys/fsuid.h.

What system are you compiling on ?

Where is the prototype for setfsgid included among your system's 
include files ?


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