Re: db2html?

On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Edward A Carter wrote:
> My compile of gnome-libs fails when it can't find the command "db2html."
> What is this command?

"db2html" is the DocBook to HTML translator.  DocBook is the flavor (DTD) 
of SGML in which GNOME documentation is written, because it is powerful,
and easy to convert to any other format.  You can get it at:

The db2html program is in the stylesheets package, but you need the other
packages as well for it to work right.

On the other hand, a normal compile of gnome-libs shouldn't require 
db2html.  Send in the errors you get (from the last "gcc" or "entering" to
the end of the output) so we can figure where the problem is.

Best of Luck,

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