Re: db2html?

    Edward> My compile of gnome-libs fails when it can't find the
    Edward> command "db2html."  What is this command?

It's to convert DocBook to html.  I'm surprised the configure process
does not map it out if db2html is not found.

In any case, you can get it (with the other DocBook packages) at and make sure you install the
RPMs in the order given below:

        ANNOUNCE: the Cygnus DocBook packages, 1998-11-30

Dear DocBook enthusiasts,

I have placed the latest DocBook packages on the Cygnus anonymous ftp

The RPMs have been seriously overhauled, and the various parts of the
DocBook picture are now being tracked much better.

As an example (which also includes tables), you can look at my DocBook
tutorial, which has been converted with "db2html", "db2ps" and
"db2rtf".  The stuff is at:

------------ important changes ------------

* Closing tags cannot be minimized

  It is now necessary to close all tags: no tags are minimizable.
  This is the prescribed behavior for DocBook, but in the past the
  tools were not reading the DocBook declaration properly; now they
  are, so they enforce things.

  Since the tools were forgiving, you might have some files which need
  the tags to be balanced.

* jadetex now requires teTeX version 0.9 or greater (see the INSTALL
  file below).

------------ project status ------------

Since we started maintaining these RPMs a lot of things have happened,
but some still need to happen.  Here are some issues I would like
people to know about or think about.  This list is shorter than it
used to be.

   Norman Walsh is actively maintaining the stylesheets.

   James Clark is actively maintaining jade.  On top of that, Cess de
   Groot is maintaining the UNIX installation parts of it, so it now
   compiles with egcs, and installs with a configure script.

   Sebastian Rahtz is actively maintaining jadetex.

working with the sgml-tools team
   It is my intention to merge my work on these RPMs with that of Cees
   de Groot and others in the sgml-tools effort

intro to docbook
   My tutorial at
   is getting a lot of coverage, so I will continue to maintain that

------------ which packages ------------

The files in the
directory right now are:

docbook-3.0-5.i386.rpm      psgml-1.0.1-5.i386.rpm
jade-1.2.1-1.i386.rpm       sgml-common-0.0-4.i386.rpm
jadetex-2.3-0.i386.rpm      stylesheets-0.7-2.i386.rpm

but you should usually look for the latest versions in that directory.
The directory RPMS/alpha has older versions only.  The directory SRPMS
has current versions of the source RPMs.  I am not maintaining a
cross-platform setup for these tools, but you could try to build the
tools yourself with the SOURCES and SPECS directories.

There used to be a package called sgml-demo, but since I have not yet
updated it, and it is misleading, I am leaving it out for now.

Yours truly,

Mark Galassi

------------ the INSTAL file ------------


To use jadetex (to get printed output with TeX) you will need to
install teTeX 0.9 (or newer).  RedHat 4.x, 5.0 and 5.1 come with teTeX
0.4 which cannot handle jadetex.

You can get teTeX 0.9 from the RedHat 5.2 distribution and install it
on older RedHat releases.  You will need tetex and tetex-latex, and
you will probably also want tetex-dvips and tetex-xdvi.

Here are ftp URLs for the various teTeX packages:


Install the RPMs in the following order:

[make sure you've upgraded to tetex 0.9]

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