gnome-core-0.99.3 compilation problems (and possible fixes)

Okay, I've been trying to compile gnome-core - It is a PAIN :) It 
doesn't work out-of-the-box. Apparently several files have been left 
out of the 'applets' section, I got this from jimpick, but I do not 
'suspect' that i the problem. For example the applets/batmon 
directory is empty, so are some other places (bussign I think and 
freshapp) among others, This provides a bunch of errors, what I've 
had to do is remove the entries from po/ until I could get 
compilation to work. Also missing apparently is the desktop-
properties stuff (I had to remove that chunk from 
Could somebody download the jimpick mirror of gnome-core-0.99.3 
and verify this - Is this a jimpick only problem, or is it one with ALL 
of the gnome-core-0.99.3?
Thank you

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