Gnome-core spec file incorrect

The Gnome-core-0.99.3.tar.gz file's .spec file is incorrect. It stats
its version 0.99.1 when it should be 0.99.3 :) Please fix. I would
provide a patch for this, but its sooo easy to fix, it doesn't deserve
the bandwidth (all you're editing is ONE character). Thanks

While we're talking about spec files. Somebody should change the
mc-4.5.7 .spec file so that if a ./configure script /IS/ present, it
would use it instead of the, I'll submit a patch for this
sometime soon, its very very simple just put a 'if -f configure' in
there somewhere. I'm sure anybody with any knowledge of scripting would
know how to do this (shall I submit a pathc or will someone handle

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