Re: GMC 4.5.7 coredumps =O(

>From: Miguel de Icaza <>

>> Right now I have to wait *5 minutes* (no exageration, I timed it), on a 
>> UltraSPARC on a 100Mbps link to the home server, for GMC to finish searching 
>> /home/* and actually paint the window and become usable.  
>Oh my god.
>Ok, I can see your point.  Send me cookies, and I will move this TODO
>item upward :-)

You want *British* cookies?  Have you run out of anything better to shoot at 
down there in Mexico?  What?  You want to *eat* them???????  Yeeeeewwwww!!!!

Better idea - if I can get the Spice Girls to stop singing, would that assist 
your To-Do list ordering?

>Now, once the stuff happens for the first time, it should startup
>blindingly fast for you the next time.
>> As a workaround, making some choises about whether doing the tree 
>> search is worth the outcome, when the tree is above a certain size, might be 
>> good?
>I will consider a plan.  The 5 minutes to startup is definetly crazy.

Thanks again for all your help on this - I hope you come up with something =O)


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