Incompatible libpng versions??

	I just compiled gnome-libs-0.99.3, gnome-core-0.99.3, and imlib-1.9.0 (and recompiled and installed
GTK-themes after i installed the new imlib), and I came across an interesting situation.  After I
installed the above packages, i noticed that my app launcher icons started showing the black parts
which are supposed to be transparent.  After further inspection I found that my console was
displaying messages stating:

"libpng error: Incompatible libpng version in application and library"

This happened for every png image that was loaded up with an application and when ever they were
redrawn.  I tried installing libpng-1.0.2 in an attempt to correct the problem but imlib complained
about it stating that imlib needs libpng-1.0.1.

Also, Control-Center failed compile with the new libs with a slew of undefined references to
different image libraries in  Is this a 'known' situation between Control-Center and
the newly released libs?

I haven't tried to install the new gmc yet because after i had the bad experience with the 0.99.3
packages i reverted back to 0.99.2.


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