Re: help?

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Trying to compile several modules in cvs, eg. balsa, control-center, and
> genius.  I keep getting:
> main-window.c:98: warning: implicit declaration of function
> main-window.c:98: warning: missing braces around initializer for
> `file_menu[2]'
> main-window.c:98: initializer element for `file_menu[2].type' is not
> constant
> main-window.c:100: warning: braces around scalar initializer for
> `file_menu[2].label'
> main-window.c:100: warning: excess elements in scalar initializer after
> `file_menu[2].label'
> I get that over and over, with different line numbers, and file names
> depending on the program i'm trying to compile.
> i586-pc-linux-glibc2
> cvs gtk+, glib, imlib, ORBit, gnome-libs, compiled just before.
> Any clues would be greatly appreciated, I've been fighting this for 4 days
> now with not even 1 reply to any of the other 2 emails sent to the list.

GNOMEUIINFO_MENU_EXIT_ITEM should be defined in gnome-app-helper.h, so
check if the definition is there. If not something went wrong with your
gnome-libs install. Maybe you didn't checkout from HEAD but from
GNOME_STABLE. If the definition is there you probably have another copy
of gnome-app-helper.h that gets included instead of the right one.

> thanx
> sar
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