Re: Wishing for a guide to a happy life with gtk/gtk+/glib

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Kjell Grindalen wrote:

> I was wondering wether there are some easy and right way of handling
> the issue of gtk/gtk+/glib upgrading and installing

It can be easy or hard, depending on how fancy you want to get.
I'll give you easy; if you want fancy, you're on your own :-).

> I have understood that the file /usr/local/bin/gtk-config is where
> most of the gnome/gtk applications are getting their info on the
> current version of gtk installed,

That is the default location for installing from CVS or tarballs, yes.  If
you type:

  $ which gtk-config

It will tell you where it is actually finding the gtk-config command, so
you can see if it is getting the one in /usr/local/bin or a different one.

> doing a gtk-config --version currently yields 1.1.12 on my sytem, before
> this I had many other gtk's installed among them gtk+-1.0.6,

Fine so far...

> I upgraded as a good boy from my RH5.2 clean base and decided after
> installing gtk+-1.1.12 & glib-1.1.12  from rpm that I was to rpm -e the
> other I had installed, and everything went perfect, and gnome+e is working
> as a charm, and well its all nice and dandy :)

Now we are looking a little iffy here.  For one thing, do you know that
there are glib10 and gtk10 packages so you can easily keep stable version
1.0.6 of glib/gtk+ and development versions (1.1.xx) as well on the same

For another thing, this doesn't match with what you were saying earlier.
If you use the gtk+-devel rpm, it should be getting /usr/bin/gtk-config,
not /usr/local/bin/gtk-config.  I would recommend against having both
manual (CVS or tarball) and RPM installations of the 1.1.xx glib/gtk+
packages at the same time, people seem to be getting in trouble doing
that.  They're both fine, but pick one or the other.

> I have a line in my /etc/ that says /usr/local/lib
> and I have been running ldconfig -v a couple of times
> But still all apps that i try to compile stops at configure with the
> message that they dont belive either that its in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
> that something else is wrong.

If you type:

  $ ldconfig -p | grep

it will respond with a list of exactly where it is finding (and, if you have gtk+ 1.0.6 installed).  Make sure that its
location matches the output of:

  $ gtk-config --prefix

That is, if gtk-config gives you "/usr", ldconfig should give you
" (ELF-libc6) => /usr/lib/".  If they don't match,
remove the version you don't want.

> So my question is, is there a way for me to clean up this and have a
> healthy gtk/glib life ?

Should be.  To summarize:

  * Make sure you know where all copies of the important files are
    (gtk-config and

  * If you have more than one copy in active directories (gtk-config in
    your path, in your or LD_LIBRARY_PATH), pick one
    and get rid of the rest

  * Rerun ldconfig

If you have any further problems, feel free to ask.

Best of Luck,

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