Re: compile error in gnome-objc

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 12:06:28PM -0800, Hal Eisen was heard to say:
> i had a problem compiling gnome-objc from CVS.  when doing the final
> link to build the library, it was unable to resolve the symbol:
> gtk_toggle_button_set_state.  since this isn't a real function call,
> but rather a macro defined in gtk/gtkcompat.h, i added another
> #include line for that header file in obgtk/obgtkToggleButton.h.  the
> build for gnome-objc went fine from there.
> is this the best fix, or is there a better way?  how should this be
> stored for real in CVS?
> 						hal

  A couple of days ago, gtk_toggle_button_set_state was changed to
gtk_toggle_button_set_active, which caused a bunch of stuff to break :-)
(I got bitten on libgnomeui)  That's the correct fix, I believe gtk+'s Changelog
said that the actual gtk_toggle_button_set_state is an internal
function.. (?)

  Daniel Burrows

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