Announce: Busycursor 0.3

I have made a package called "Busycursor". It's a small utility that
changes the root window mouse cursor to a pointer & hourglass during
application startup. This gives feedback to the user, which are less
tempted to click the icon (for example) a second time. 

By preloading a small library, busycursor integrates with Gnome. All
applications started from the Panel etc will call Busycursor. It can also
be used independent of Gnome, but all applications must then
be started through busycursor manually (eg. "busycursor netscape &").

Get it & try it from:

Changes from version 0.1:

x Independet of xsetroot(1)
x Gnome-integration via libbusycursor
x New hourglass-look
x More documentation etc. 

Comments are appreciated. 

Peter Åstrand <>,
Master of Computerscience and Engineering student at Linköping University

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